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Posts by Jackie Haywood

The Dance of Change

I seem to have had change after change happening. A new website, a new facebook page, new clients, new volunteering role, new study topics, all of which I have actively been looking for and wanting, all of which comes on top of my “usual” life. And I was pondering the other day why I have…

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Silence is Golden – the power of listening

Most of us are very good at talking. Most of us are extremely good at giving advice. I wonder if most of us though, are not so good at just being with silence? Often when I am on the train I observe those around me having conversations. And in the workplace too. I notice that…

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The Value of Self Care

I look back many years ago to a time when I put everyone else first – work, children, friends and tasks – you name it I would do it. I didn’t say no and I had martyrdom characteristics. And for a long time I kept saying yes and got more and more tired and more…

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