Transformational Coaching – time to re-ignite you


"You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” - Wizard of Oz

Business and life move at a fast pace. Being equipped to thrive through all the changes life throws at us can be an ongoing art. We might have times where we lose our passion for what we do. We don’t feel energised; we can feel confused knowing that something needs to change, we are not sure what; or we lack clarity as to how we move forward.

We all have moments like these, and transformational coaching is one way that accelerates through this.  We work with global clients in different ways, crossing cultures and language to support them to overcome their challenges, enabling them to become the best version of themselves.  Transformational coaching can be delivered in a number of ways including individual coaching sessions, team coaching, group coaching or mentor coaching.

When you recognise that change is needed, either for yourself or your team it can be confusing where to start. We give you confidential time and space to reflect, increase your awareness and accelerate your thinking.  The belief is that you have the answers and through the process of coaching, we will partner with you to find that “lightbulb moment” and gain clarity on the way forward. We can provide a range of coaching and leadership development solutions to spark growth and change, to suit your individual, team or organisational needs, in a virtual or face-to-face capacity.

How Can I Help?

We can provide a range of coaching and leadership development solutions to spark growth and change, to suit your individual, team and organisation needs. Working in a virtual or face-to-face capacity,  we have various core offerings which enable us to help you achieve your objectives; we also work closely with some selected training, consultancy and coaching organisations.

  • We support senior leaders and professionals through Executive Coaching, to accelerate your development, giving you the space to think, create clarity and momentum.
  • We facilitate Leadership Development Programmes to support leaders to create sustained high performing teams.
  • We facilitate group training to overcome a particular challenge or focus.
  • We provide Mentor Coaching to coaches looking to build their skills in the ICF core competencies and move forward with their ICF ACC or PCC accreditation.
  • We offer Group Coaching for multiple people to move forward with their goals and learn from one another at the same time.
  • We offer regular monthly group coaching session for Coaches to increase their development.

We look forward to working with you

Executive Coaching

As a senior leader you are often pulled in multiple directions.  Through our 1:1 coaching we will help you identify challenges, create choices, give you space to think and help you make changes to perform at your best.

Leadership Development

With the right guidance and direction teams can achieve anything.  We offer a range of leadership development programmes designed to give you
the practical tools to build high performing

Coaching Skills

I have worked with many coaches and facilitators over the years to support their growth.  In this programme, I combine all of my learning and insight to ensure that I support you in becoming the best coach or facilitator that you can be.

Mentor Coaching

Our mentoring coaching sessions are perfect for coaches looking to deepen their coaching skills using the ICF methodologies as well as for ICF ACC and PCC accreditation.

ICF Coaching Group

Each month we meet to discuss and debate a different area of coaching, supporting each other to apply our learning.

Group Coaching

We run group coaching sessions to enable a group of people to be coached simultaneously and learn from one another at the same time.

What our clients have to say:

Jackie is a skilled coach with a distinct ability to extract vital clues! We worked together recently and Jackie was able to help me to steer my business in a far more fulfilling direction. I recommend working with Jackie if you're looking for some help focussing your business on areas that you want more of whilst helping you understand the negative effects of working in areas you find less fulfilling

Jenny Tschiesche: Nutritionist, Best Selling Author and The Lunchbox Doctor

Jackie was great at coaching me and one of her real talents was in turning the mirror back on myself, to challenge my thoughts, perceptions and concerns. This is a real skill as it meant that ultimately I found my own answers to the really important questions because Jackie showed me other ways of thinking and of approaching the scenarios in my mind and how to work through them. It was really useful to check in reguarly with Jackie as she would get me back on track with a few wise words when sometimes I went off on various tangents. Jackie provided me with the skills needed to develop clarity of thought over my life/career choices such that I quickly found the next step in my career. I am grateful to Jackie for her support during my career break which no doubt helped me on to the next stage of my career much more quickly than doing it alone. 

Kevin Davies, Experienced Financial Controller

Jackie is a fabulous online facilitator and coach. I have been working with Jackie in a group coaching programme delivered through online virtual classrooms. Her sessions are extremely engaging - she runs at a good pace but is very careful to ensure that all participants are encouraged and able to contribute. I am happy to highly recommend Jackie, especially if you're looking for someone who will provide online/remote coaching and training.

Warwick Mullan, Programme Management and Business Change Professional

The coaching was invaluable, helping me make sense of the various options and obstacles that were before me. Jackie has the ability to see behind the facades we build and drill down to the crux of the matter. At times it was a sort of therapy session, but absolutely necessary to find the right path forward. I was able to approach a new career path thanks to the confidence and raw information that Jackie was able to give me.

Chris Prowse, Sales Director

I was incredibly fortunate to work with Jackie over 6 sessions. She came to me highly recommended by a number of colleagues but I was nonetheless limited in my expectations of what she would be able to do for me as I considered myself highly self-aware and progressive/proactive in my personal and leadership development. How naive was i! Jackie, in her gentle way, held up a mirror to my face and allowed for the realization that I had been significantly lacking in personal care and allowing large areas of my life to encroach on my ability to be the best version of myself. Jackie has an incredibly powerful manner which is unassuming and kind and as she views her clients as a whole person she takes into account all the roles we play in life and how we play them in order to unpick those behaviours we operate with which are no longer serving us at home, work and play Each session with Jackie allowed for a step-change shift in my thinking about how my world works and gave me at least one specific concept or area to take away, play with and implement change with, to great effect in my working and personal life. I quickly found my work with Jackie allowing me to create more space for more reflection and development and during the period I worked with her my priorities shifted towards the use of time for taking actions which increased my personal power and released me from anxiety Don't’ be fooled by Jackie’s soft and feminine demeanor. She is a finely tuned machine for implementing personal transformation. I highly recommend you letting her open up your bonnet and get her tools out.

Emma Harper, Therapist, Speaker, Teacher

“Jackie has been invaluable in enabling me to quickly learn the art of running effective webinars and online learning and be more visible in my business. Her expertise in online learning & facilitator training saved me time, reduced stress and limited the mistakes in my live webinars, so that I could create strong content from the start. She knew how to bring out the best in me, bringing structure with flexibility, and checking what I needed at each stage through the process. She is naturally encouraging and supportive in her coaching style, as well as being honest about the next challenge or stretch, always seeing how she could help me there. Becoming more visible in my business was and is an emotional process, and she took time to help me explore and manage this aspect. I would not have such saleable content if I had not invested in the coaching and training with Jackie. I highly recommend her. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and look forward to more. Thank you Jackie!”

Caroline Burr, Founder, Your Relationship Coach (Coaching Skills)

“I have got so much out of working with Jackie. The insights in to my behaviours and style of working have been a revelation and with her support and encouragement I can see a complete shift in my leadership style without the need to change who I am. I’m very happy to recommend Jackie as a fantastic coach.”

Louise Reeder, Global HR BP, Johnson Matthey (Executive Coaching Programme)

I had the pleasure of working with Jackie for a few months as my first experience of coaching and I loved every minute. Jackie really helped me unlock some powerful insights about myself and has given me a renewed focus on personal growth. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Paul Canavan, Wickes

I have recently finished working with Jackie after a 3 month period. I instantly built a rapport with Jackie which enabled me to get the most from our coaching sessions. Jackie instantly made me feel at ease, making our sessions personable and engaging. Jackie allowed me to bring obstacles to the table and guided me through them finding a sense of clarity - and many ‘lightbulb’ moments. Reflecting helped me really see the benefit of my coaching sessions and the power and benefit in supporting me within my current role and beyond. Jackie has been an invaluable support to my development journey, I would highly recommend Jackie if you are looking to seek coaching support.

Dan Blaker, Business Manager - Starbucks

I have worked with Jackie for over 8 months and would definitely recommend her as an Executive Coach. She is very personable and easy to talk to. This has made me open up and properly reflect on my style, strengths and growth opportunities. Jackie never provides answers and asks questions that really make you think. Jackie has made me own my development and coaching. I choose the topics and the direction. After every session I feel energised and able to try new things or explore other solutions to problems. Jackie is non-judgemental and has helped restore my self-esteem and belief that I ‘can do it’ . . . .whatever it may be. Her ability to open my mind to different ways of seeing things and from through the eyes of others, is incredibly powerful. If you have the chance to work with Jackie, embrace it and enjoy the support & challenge.

Emma Hayward, Regional Operations Director

I was lucky enough to be coached by Jackie on delivering effective presentations. Both her style and delivery were perfect- coupled with insightful feedback.

Andy Dolan, Regional Operations manager, Volvo Cars

I have got so much out of working with Jackie. The insights in to my behaviours and style of working have been a revelation and with her support and encouragement I can see a complete shift in my leadership style without the need to change who I am. I’m very happy to recommend Jackie as a fantastic coach.

Louise Reeder, Head of HR Delivery, Affinity Water


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