Coaching Themes for 2023

As we start the new year, I wonder what is in store for us all. As I reflect on this question myself, I also reflect on the core coaching themes for 2023 that are emerging from my experiences in the coaching world. In this blog, I will share some of the themes I see as pertinent with the intention of supporting you to think about your own areas for development in the year ahead. 


We all value being connected to others, whether that is in the workplace or with our friends and family. This year the workplace is “getting back to normal” whatever that might look like for you post-covid. In my work I am delighted to see so many organisations focusing on connection and supporting employees to adopt a way of working that brings teams together. This is top of my own priority list this year, and continues to be something that brings me personal joy. In terms of increasing connection, it is often about sharing more about ourselves with others, the trials and tribulations of life just as much as the positive stuff.

This requires us to be okay with being vulnerable with others, and in turn, this means others will share stuff too. For me, the connection is not about the number of groups I am part of or the number of friends I have – it is about how I create moments that matter for the other person and me. Am I more deeply connected in a conversation, even if it is just a simple hello at the start of the day? Did I share laughter with someone today? Did I connect with someone new? Did I allow someone to help me rather than being the helper?

Coaching questions to consider:

  • Who do you want to connect with and why?
  • Who brings you joy?
  • What do you need to let go of to make space for connection?


Multi-tasking seems to be on its way out to make way for people to feel a real sense of focus. This might be about only working on one thing at a time, or it could be about how absorbed you are on your own goal for the day, week, month, or year ahead. It is also about creating a focus for our lives that is meaningful to you. I notice in coaching sessions that people quickly establish their own intentions once they have chance to voice them out loud. For me, my focus this year spans physical and mental well being as well as continuing to master the art of coaching. 

Coaching questions to consider:  

  • Where do you want to focus your energy this year?
  • What do you focus on currently that no longer serves you?


A few years ago, I started walking with a friend every Friday afternoon. She is also a coach and we find ourselves years later continuing to meet every single week. This is a great example of simplicity – as in two hours I get some exercise, I am out in nature which has positive health benefits, and I get a chance to chat with a great friend, reflecting on the learnings from the week, before the weekend arrives. When I think about simplicity, it is about doing more with less — keeping things simple. In all aspects of our lives. 

Coaching questions to consider: 

  • What areas of your life need more simplicity?
  • Who could you delegate to?
  • What tasks need eliminating?


We all know that change requires us to be adaptable and now more than ever, this is a super important skill. I think that developing our skills to adapt means we need to step out of our comfort zone on purpose. This might be reaching out to someone new, taking a different walk to work, attending a meeting you don’t usually, or offering to take on a new project at work. For me, I realise that at home, there are certain things I don’t do – for example, mow the lawn or pump up my tyres on the car. This year I want to learn to do some of the things that I rely on others to do, so that I know how to do them. I have also decided to tackle any health niggles head-on this year which will require me to adapt to a new way of doing things. 

Coaching questions to consider:

  • What new things could you learn this year?
  • What or who supports you through new experiences?
  • What opportunities do you have to step out of your comfort zone?


Self-care has been around for a long time, yet I still see this as one of the key coaching themes for 2023. That’s because when we master our self-care, something else comes along that challenges us to do it even more or even better! Examples include a promotion at work which might signify longer working hours, or someone close to us having health troubles and us needing to take on a caring role. Self-care requires constant vigilance to ensure we receive the optimum level of work, rest and play at any given moment. For me, this year’s self-care focus is about creating good time and space for myself, continuing to enjoy a variety of exercise, and actively seeking out moments of lightness, fun and humour. 

Coaching questions to consider:

  • What would your ideal self-care routine be?
  • What needs to happen to create it?

In Summary

I wonder what has resonated for you? What are your own reflections on these topics, and what would you add as your key coaching themes for 2023? If you would like some support in reflecting on the key things which are important for you this year, please get in touch to see how coaching could help.

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