The Dance of Change

I seem to have had change after change happening. A new website, a new facebook page, new clients, new volunteering role, new study topics, all of which I have actively been looking for and wanting, all of which comes on top of my “usual” life. And I was pondering the other day why I have felt out of control and frantic about it, given that these are all things that I have wanted.

And here’s what I learnt when I asked myself that question: I realise that I am someone who wants to make an impact in the world, to have a cause, to achieve things, to stretch my boundaries of what is usual in my life. And so do my clients.

However in doing so it can cause me that frantic feeling, and learning to embrace the changes and “go with the flow” are key to me enjoying them, not enduring them.

So here are my top tips on what has helped me dance through the changes:

  1. Give yourself a break – you are doing the best you can, and often we are our own worst critic.
  2. Forgive yourself and others – they are also doing the best they can and are watching you trying to embrace the changes you face.
  3. Throw perfection out of the window! Often when we accept that we don’t know how things will turn out we become excited about the process of change rather than holding on to and trying to control what we think it should end up like.
  4. Get your sleep, eat well, and practice self-care, CLICK HERE to read one of our recent blogs on self care (I will speak more about it in the future as it is a passion of mine).
  5. When it all gets too much throw the towel in and go do something else! A walk, a chat, some baking, cleaning, some music, all have the ability to turn your mood back to a positive one.
  6. New opportunities can mean we feel a little awkward for a while, like a new pair of shoes that aren’t quite comfortable yet – you know you will feel fab in them, just a bit uncomfortable the first time you wear them. So giving ourselves times to get used to the change is key.
  7. Saying no can be refreshing. Taking on new opportunities often means clearing out some of your previous habits or activities in your “usual” life. This means letting go of others expectations of what they expect of you and freeing up time in your diary by saying no.
  8. When you say yes, don’t overpromise. Recently someone did some work for me and they kept saying they would achieve things for me and then when it didn’t happen I was disappointed. Set realistic expectations to others about what you can do for them and they will be inspired!

And finally authenticity – be you, after all that’s all we have to offer the world – ourselves.

If you are experiencing lots of changes or wanting to create some changes in your life get in touch and see how I can support you. I coach people wanting more from their lives and who are willing to put the effort in to making it happen.

“The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” Alan W Watts

What changes are you wanting to make? Today’s the day to make a start… Please get in touch if you think we can help you make that change.

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