The Value of Self Care

I look back many years ago to a time when I put everyone else first – work, children, friends and tasks – you name it I would do it. I didn’t say no and I had martyrdom characteristics. And for a long time I kept saying yes and got more and more tired and more and more grumpy. Where was that patient, loving, kind lady I knew I was? I did not note the value of self care, I found myself resenting people close to me – they seemed to have it altogether. It was only when I hired a coach and I shared my story and goals that things started to become clearer.

I had completely lost sight that the only way to be happy was to properly look after myself. Sounds simple when written down, how many of us truly look after ourselves? I wouldn’t change the journey I embarked on as I am now living a life centred on being fulfilled – and it remains a constant priority and something to work at.

Every week there are new invites to do things, new work projects, clients, social stuff and I know that I can’t say yes to it all.

Self-care is about putting yourself first so that you can totally show up in your life as the best that you are. It’s a whole routine of lovely things that make you flourish – every day. Ever heard the saying “put your oxygen mask on first before helping others?” That’s what we are talking about.

Ask yourself the following:
– What do I need each day to feel refreshed?
– What feels like a luxury that I am depriving myself of?
– What makes me feel energised?

And you may have different answers depending on whether the mind, body or soul are answering.

As always it’s the simplest things that make the biggest impact. I often start with sufficient sleep when I’m coaching someone around self-care. The creeping pattern of device usage near bedtime means this can have a big impact on our sleep so a little change can have a big impact on your energy and creativity. Clearing the diary to have some space to be spontaneous can also feel indulgent – why not try it and see how good you feel? And when we start looking after ourselves, we are role modelling to everyone around us to also do the same.

So in the coming week I set you the challenge – start your own self-care routine – make it happen!

If you want support, I work with people looking to be their best and finding ways to create balance and calm – so get in touch.

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