Associate Coaching

Working alongside selected partners.

Associate Coaching

I work with a selected number of  training, consultancy and coaching organisations to support their clients and work. I enjoy working in an associate coaching capacity and see these organisations as my clients.

Having worked across numerous organisations as an Associate over the last 5 yrs, I recognise the delicate balance required of meeting the needs of both the client organisation, the associate organisation and the individual within the organisation.

Trust, transparency, communication and alignment of values are crucial to the success of this relationship and I have successfully worked long term with organisations over 5 years with great feedback from my customers.

How can i help you

I can work across a number of different Associate projects which include:

  • 1:1 coaching with executives, leaders and teams
  • Coaching skills for coaches
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Virtual and face to face facilitation of leadership development and soft skills programmes
  • Adhoc projects, for example content design of the above type of programmes, videos to explain coaching to others
  • Virtual Facilitator training to other facilitators using a proven capability framework
  • Translating face to face programmes and redesigning them in to virtual sessions


If you are looking for an Associate to support your clients